Replacement Truck Options

Clean, Advanced Trucks and Technology Options

The NYC Clean Trucks Program prioritizes the deployment of zero emission battery electric replacement trucks, while also offering incentives for the deployment of non-electric alternative fuel and diesel replacement trucks. Fleets interested in purchasing or leasing a battery electric, compressed natural gas (CNG), plug-in hybrid electric, diesel-electric hybrid, or diesel medium- or heavy-duty vehicle can select from the list of eligible vehicle models and purchase through an eligible Contractor. Following are the types of vehicles the NYC Clean Trucks Program is providing rebate incentive funding for.

Battery Electric Truck

A battery electric truck stores energy in rechargeable battery packs, utilizing an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine for propulsion. Battery electric trucks release zero tailpipe emissions, contributing no pollutants directly from the truck operation.

Compressed Natural Gas Truck

A CNG truck is powered by the combustion of CNG as an alternative to other fossil fuels. CNG is a cleaner burning fuel, significantly reducing carbon and particulate emissions during truck operation as compared to a diesel truck equivalent.

Hybrid Diesel-Electric Truck

A hybrid diesel-electric truck combines an electric propulsion system with an internal combustion engine to achieve improved fuel economy over a conventional diesel truck. A hybrid diesel-electric truck produces fewer emissions than a diesel truck equivalent, with further reductions occurring when the internal combustion engine is shut down while the truck idles.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Truck

A plug-in hybrid electric truck is a vehicle that uses battery-powered electricity and internal combustion engine in tandem for propulsion power. Depending on the type of vehicle and engine, the power that drives the vehicle may come from the electric battery, diesel, or both at the same time. Electricity charges the vehicle’s batteries using an external source of electric power or its on-board regenerative engine and/or braking. Similar to diesel-electric hybrid trucks, a plug-in hybrid electric truck produces fewer emissions than a diesel truck equivalent.

Diesel Truck

A diesel truck is a vehicle equipped with a diesel-fueled compression-ignition engine. Newer generations of diesel trucks are equipped with engine technologies that help reduce emissions – especially NOx and PM2.5 – and provide fuel savings when compared to older, diesel-fueled trucks.

NYC Clean Trucks Program Funding

Rebate incentive funding is available to truck owners operating within the IBZs located throughout New York City. Qualifying truck owners are invited to take advantage of first-come, first-served NYC Clean Trucks Program funding and resources by applying today.

Questions About The Program?