Program Success

Expanding the Success of the NYC DOT Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program

The NYC DOT launched the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program in 2012 to replace, retrofit, or scrap heavy-polluting diesel trucks from the South Bronx and NYC. Since its inception, the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program has provided incentive funding for the replacement, retrofit, or scrappage of over 622 older heavy-polluting diesel trucks from the South Bronx business communities of Hunts Point and Port Morris.

In 2020, NYC DOT expanded the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program to provide funding for applicants in program-approved New York City IBZs across the city. To symbolize this broader funding opportunity, the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program is now the NYC Clean Trucks Program.

Program Progress

Since the launch of NYC Clean Trucks Program in June 2020 through June 2023, the NYC Clean Trucks Program has funded a total of 67 truck replacements. Between 2012 and 2020, the HPCTP funded a total of 622 trucks, including 592 truck replacements, 6 exhaust retrofits, and the voluntary scrappage of 24 trucks. The combined total of truck replacements from 2012 to 2023 is 659. The NYC Clean Trucks Program and the HPCTP reduced levels of NOx, PM2.5, HC and CO annually as compared to the emissions generated from the older, diesel-fueled vehicles that were replaced.

Truck Replacements, Retrofits, & Scrappage

Total Program Progress Year by Year

Since the program began in 2012, we have distributed more than $20.9 million in incentives to help fund the replacement of 659 older diesel trucks.

Chart illustrating total program progress year by year

Total Trucks Funded

In addition to 659 new trucks funded, the program has historically funded retrofitting and scrappage.

Chart illustrating types of trucks funded

What New Trucks Have Been Funded?

Graphic illustrating fuel types of trucks funded

659 Total New Trucks Funded

How Have Rebate Incentive Funds Been Distributed?


of funding has been for replacement trucks

$20.8 million

Over $20,690,000 for replacement trucks
$140,000 to retrofit trucks
$107,000 voluntary scrappage

Who Received Funding?

Applicants across various industries have received funding to replace their older diesel trucks. Historically, these industries include:

Beverage Distributors
Concrete/Cement Haulers
Construction/Demolition Equipment Haulers
Food and Produce Distributors
Fuel Delivery
Goods Delivery
(Furniture, Home Improvement Supplies)
Freight Delivery
(Heating, Air Conditioning, Home Appliance)
Newspaper/Magazine Deliveries
Office Supplies
(Paper & Plastic)
Service Vehicles
(Plumbing, Welding)
Towing Companies
Waste/Recycling Haulers

What Truck Classes Have Been Funded Since 2012?

Chart illustrating what truck classes have been funded since 2012

Vehicle Miles Traveled and Program Compliance

Each program funded truck is equipped with an Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) to monitor the truck for program compliance. Program funded trucks are required to operate within, or service, program-approved Industrial Business Zones (IBZs) at least two times per week, as well as maintain 70% of total Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) within the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Chart illustrating miles traveled